Marvell Previews New Kinoma Application Platform at CES 2014

7 Jan

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and LAS VEGAS — Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, previews its Kinoma open source software platform for connected, high-performance consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) products. The Kinoma platform is optimized for building rich consumer experiences that orchestrate devices, their mobile companion apps, and cloud services. Developers can move easily between a compact native runtime written in C and an application layer in JavaScript, with code that’s easier to test, maintain, and evolve.

Kinoma Connect
Kinoma Connect, a home media streaming app, is Marvell’s first application developed with the new Kinoma open software platform.

  • Industry standards: The app supports industry standards exclusively, because the home is a multi-vendor environment where consumers expect their electronics and mobile devices to work together. Kinoma Connect elegantly streams video, music, podcasts and photos to smart TVs and connected speakers that support DLNA, the most widely adopted home streaming standard in the world.
  • High performance: Kinoma Connect makes home media streaming fun with its fast, responsive, and fluid user interface focused on content exploration.
  • Innovation on the consumer experience: Kinoma Connect introduces a world first in mobile-to-TV functionality: users can pan and zoom around photos on TVs supporting DLNA.

Kinoma Connect Availability
Device manufactures and content providers can license Kinoma Connect to customize the app as part of their product line ecosystems.

“Marvell’s Connected Lifestyle strategy is about making each individual device great, and making those devices work well together. This is the true potential of the Internet of Things. Our Kinoma application platform solves the challenges of reliably and efficiently connecting devices, giving product developers a significant advantage over their competitors,” commented Peter Hoddie, Marvell’s Kinoma VP.

Article source: prnewswire and marvell

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