Taiwanese Tech Industry to Take Part in 3D Printing Revolution

27 Jan

More and more companies in Taiwan will be taking steps to accelerate the tech industry’s 3D printing revolution, Forbes’ Ralph Jennings reports.

According to the reporter’s article, not only are an increasing number of Taiwanese manufacturers beginning to work together to develop “3D printers, printing stock, and related software,” but up to 40% of their 3D-printing related “proposals” will also be funded by the country’s government-headed institutions and research centers, including the Industrial Technology and Research Institute (ITRI).

Taiwan’s VIA Technologies, Jennings notes, is already “working on a board that could function as a 3D printing controller,” whereas Voltivo Group is developing a “secret sauce” for high-end 3D printing stock. The progresses of the other companies’ 3D printing technologies, should the government funding continue, are expected to become a lot more prominent and visible in the periods ahead.

In other countries, adoption of 3D printing is also rising dramatically. The US and China, to illustrate, are both takings steps to further the technology’s application, and together account for nearly 50% of the entire 3D printing industry. In approximately three to five year’s time, the latter’s 3D market is projected by Taiwan’s Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA) to become the biggest in the world with an estimated value of $1.63 Billion USD.


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