Mediatek Outclasses Qualcomm with MT6592 Chip

6 Feb

Having more cores working simultaneously inside a chip apparently does make a big difference. In an attempt to test how well Mediatek’s octa-core MT6592 chip fares against Qualcomm’s own eight-core Snapdragon 800 (which, unlike the MT6592, allows only four cores to work together at the same time rather than all eight),’s Sharif Sakr reached out to Gamebench and had them perform a benchmark test on two distinctive devices: a MT6592-powered Alcatel One Touch Idol X + and a Snapdragon 800-run Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The results were nothing less than stunning– Not only did the Touch Idol X + deliver an “18% advantage” over the Note 3 in terms of processing power, but the former also turned out to be a far more superior device when it comes to battery life.

As put by Gamebench’s CEO, Sri Kannan Iyer (via Forbes):

“Although the Snapdragon is a solid all-round performer, MediaTek’s power efficiency was very impressive and it led to a higher overall result… In our preliminary scores, the MediaTek chip is better at playing popular 3D games, because it can play them smoothly for longer periods.”

Looking at the company’s future developments, Sakr believes the prospects for Mediatek will be improved significantly once the company decides to incorporate a few critical features into its chips, namely 4G/LTE support.

“Once LTE becomes a commonplace feature, attention will return to the more traditional aspects of what makes a good mobile processor — namely, price and performance — and this is exactly the sort of battle MediaTek is equipped to fight,” Sakr said.

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