Mediatek to Expand Presence in US, Seek More Future Opportunities

10 Feb

In spite of Mediatek’s reputation in China as a high quality chip manufacturer and successful business with Asia’s low-end and high-end smartphone makers, the Taiwan-based company is obviously still some distance away from dominating the West. Things may soon change for the better, however, following Mediatek’s recent decision to open an office in San Diego—where the other chip manufacturing giant, Qualcomm, resides— and to strengthen its overall business presence in the United States.

Kristen Taylor, Mediatek’s US corporate marketing vice president, recently stated that the company will seek to add up to 150 engineers, business developers, and marketing staff to the US division’s existing workforce, and stressed its devotion to a “rebranding campaign” aimed at attracting more and more potential US customers.

“We really feel that [the US is] a strategic area,” Taylor said to Reuters recently. “A lot of our technology partners sit in that area and we want to be able to serve them…we need to redefine that we really are at this point serving the entire globe and not just small pockets of the world.”

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