Huawei and Etisalat Team up on 5G Development

3 Mar

According to a recent report from Albawaba, Huawei and the Etisalat Group will be working together to develop 5G technology in the next five years, and will take steps to ensure the availability of ultra high-speed connectivity for all mobile users in the Middle East.

As noted by Alan Wang, president of Huawei-Etisalat Global Key Account, in an official statement…

“The future of the digital society in the [Middle Eastern] region will take a collective effort to realise…As Huawei extends its longstanding relationship with Etisalat, we look forward to opening up new possibilities that can address society’s demand for higher-capacity, seamless mobile communication experiences.”

The number of people who are expected to use mobile networks by 2020, according to Albawaba, is approximately 6.5 billion, which is close to the entire world’s population. During the same period, nearly 100 billion additional “things,” for instance vehicles, metres, medical devices, and home appliances, will be connected via mobile networks, Albawaba adds.

Aware of the benefits of enhanced mobile connectivity and the improvements it will bring to the Middle East, and being one of the most renowned telecom providers in the region, Etisalat expressed optimism as well:

“5G mobile network aims to tremendously improve user’s experience with never seen before speed and capacity… The superfast 5G mobile network will enable new possibilities and offers seamless communication,” Hatem Bamatraf, Chief Technology Officer of the Etisalat Group, said.


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