Acer Not Willing to Invest in Windows Phones Yet

4 Mar

Windows 8 may be gaining more and more traction among smartphone and tablet users, but not every company is convinced that they should jump onto the platform immediately.

Speaking to INQUIRER about the future of Microsoft’s operating system and whether Acer will consider releasing any future Windows phone devices, Allen Burnes, the EMEA VP of Acer’s smartphone division, had the following to say…

“The Windows Phone Store is improving. But if there are 350,000 apps and it doesn’t include the top 100, then it’s no good for consumers. For example, if you don’t have the local banking apps, then it is of naught to certain people…There are a whole bunch of elements around the application space which need fixing, which for us, is a big deal.”

Making the app store issue slightly more concerning to Acer, not too surprisingly, is the relatively low demand for Windows-based smartphones, an issue which Burnes insists has contributed to Acer’s decision to stick to Android for the time being.

“Consumer call is one of the reasons why we we have no Windows Phone plans at present,” Burnes confirmed with INQUIRER. “The fact is, until people start talking about the great experience you can have on Windows Phone, we can’t go in on it.”

Burnes adds that the market share for Windows Phones would have to be 10% to 15% before the company would be “interested” or willing to take any “risks.”


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