TSMC Working on Apple’s A8 Chips and Other iPhone 6 Components

5 Mar

Citing industry sources, China Times reports that TSMC’s Fab 14 has already begun to manufacture the 20nm wafers that are intended for the rumored iPhone 6’s A8 processor, and claims that the Taiwan based semiconductor foundry will produce as many as 30 thousand of these wafers a month beginning from the second half of 2014.

In addition to Apple’s A8 processor, orders for the production of various other iPhone 6 components—for instance, the A8 power management IC, Logic IC, WiFi/BT chips, and touch IC– have also been snatched up by the Taiwanese company. The wafers for Authentec’s finger print sensor will reportedly be manufactured using TSMC’s 8-inch fab, with production already reaching 10 to 15 thousand on a monthly basis.The baseband chip and LCD driver IC components, on the other hand, will be made using TSMC’s 28nm wafers and 80nm wafers, respectively.

With TSMC gaining a sheer number of iPhone 6 related production orders and expectations of massive shipments in mid-April, more and more market watchers have begun to show confidence in the Taiwanese company’s 2014 prospects, with some going as far as to claim that its 2Q14 revenues will grow by 20% to 25% compared to the preceding quarter. The initial growth projections of TSMC’s Q2 revenue, according to China Times, were set at around 15% to 20%.

In order to get a more comprehensive picture of all of the possible iPhone 6 components that may be manufactured by TSMC, check out the table below (data originally collected by Xu Wei Zheng of China Times). The original link to the China Times article can be seen here.

Potential iPhone 6 Chip Suppliers/Manufacturer
Chip Type Chip Supplier Foundry
A8 Processor Apple TSMC (20nm process)
A8 Power Management IC Dialog TSMC, VIS
Baseband Processor Qualcomm TSMC
RF Transceiver Qualcomm TSMC
Baseband Processor Power Management IC Qualcomm TSMC
Sound Processor Cirrus Logic TSMC, UMC
Motion co-processor NXP TSMC, NXP
WiFi/BT chip Broadcom TSMC
Touch Screen Controller IC Broadcom TSMC
Fingerprint Sensor Authentec TSMC
LCD Driver IC RSP TSMC (80nm process)
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