Robotic Device Maker in China Seeks to Increase Exposure through Global Crowd Funding Website

9 Mar

Ai.Frame, a Chinese startup company specializing in creating customizable robots for people, has recently sought the assistance of the crowd funding website Pozible and Chinese consulting firm Loving the Crowd to help increase its exposure among international buyers, according to Emma Lee of TechNode.

The company’s robotic devices, Lee notes, will come in a variety of different colors and sizes, and can reportedly be controlled through a special smartphone app that recognizes various vocal and visual commands. Thanks to their extremely flexible design and structure, the robots themselves are capable of being programmed by different users, can display as many as 300 unique movements (including hip hop dancing), and utilizes a unique built-in sensor that prevents them from running into obstacles.

Ai.Frame’s robots are not terribly expensive by market standards –each will only cost around $259 USD, which, according to Lee, is a quarter of what other “humanoid” robots are priced at. The shells of the robotic devices, interestingly, can either be purchased directly from the company’s website or 3D printed at home.

To learn more, check out the Chinese company’s fund raising page here.


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