Singapore Smartphone Users Show Their Love for Xiaomi, Mi 3 Sold Out in 2 Minutes

10 Mar

Xiaomi may not be the Chinese smartphone brand with the “most sold” smartphones units, but it is certainly the quickest when it comes to getting rid of its initial batch of devices.

As reported by, the Chinese company last week managed set records in Singapore by selling out an entire batch of Mi 3 smartphone in just two minutes, which beat the time it took for the first and second batches of Redmi to be sold out in the same region (8 minutes and 6 minutes, respectively).

“The first batch of Xiaomi Mi 3 was snapped up by [Singapore’s] consumers within minutes after it went on sale at 12 noon on Friday,” the report had said.

Like all of Xiaomi’s previously released flagship devices, the Mi3 possesses a variety of high end specs that provide consumers a lot of value for their money. Some of the most noteworthy features that have been praised include the smartphone’s 13 MP camera, its massive 3050mAh battery, and 1.8Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor.

The device is currently priced at S$419 in Singapore, which is around $300 USD.


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