3D Printing Learning May Eventually Become Mandatory for Taiwanese Students

12 Mar

A while ago, Forbes released an article covering Taiwan’s plans to break new ground by facilitating the development of 3D printing equipments. It looks like the country’s government will now be taking the initiative a step further by implementing another critical measure: promoting 3D printing learning among students.

“The President of the Executive Yuan, Jiang Yi Huah, has agreed with Taiwan’s Minister of Science and Technology that all high school students should be able to access and learn about 3D printing,” a recent article from UDN.com noted. “To accomplish this goal, Jiang is asking the Administrative Committee’s Cai Yu Ting to prepare for the proper funding that would potentially enable 3D printing courses to be taught in Taiwan’s high schools.”

The main idea behind making 3D printing a norm in Taiwan, other than to help domestic industries gain an early edge in a still maturing technology, is to make up for Taiwan’s lack of progress in the “3D design field” and encourage more creativity and innovation among Taiwanese students, UDN.com said.


da vinci 1.0 printer (picture credit: CTIMES)


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