Foxconn Planning to Lure Google Taiwan’s Job Applicants Away?

14 Mar

Google may have unintentionally stirred competitive tensions among Taiwanese companies after revealing its plan to offer as many as 100 new job positions to the country’s hardware and software engineers.

As stated in a recent report from China Times, Foxconn’s founder and CEO, Terry Gou, is convinced that his company will not only give Google’s accepted applicants a much better set of future opportunities, but also provide them salaries that are significantly higher than what the internet giant has to offer.

“Bring your accepted application to us, and we will offer you the same position with two to three times the pay,” Kuo said during a recent press event. “In five to ten years time, you will be able to discover for yourself which company offers the better career prospects in Taiwan, and which one gives you the most opportunities to travel around the world.”

Kuo’s promise, as exaggerated as it sounds, is undoubtedly a tempting offer. According to recent statistics from Glassdoor, senior software engineers from Google’s Taiwan division earn as much as NT$ 1.79 million a year, whereas an intern gets approximately NT$ 43,000 per month. Assuming  Kuo stays true to his word and the Glassdoor salary figures are accurate, an accepted Google applicant opting to join Foxconn could potentially earn an annual salary of NT$ 5.4 million.


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