Online Stores Will Help Boost China’s Future Smartphone Sales: Report

17 Mar

A number of major Chinese smartphone manufacturers are looking to promote and sell their handsets through the internet rather than in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, according to a recent article from Want China Times.

The incentive behind such a move, the article notes, is based on the increased proportion of Chinese smartphone consumers looking to purchase a “new phone online,” which the China-based research firm, Sino Market Research, claims has expanded to 63.3%.

Want China Times spoke, additionally, of the recent comments made by Coopad’s vice president, Li Bin, who stated his company’s intentions to work with Jindong Mall to promote future products on its website, and revealed that nearly 30% of Coolpad’s businesses came directly from online shoppers in China.

Nokia and Huawei are among the other smartphone makers that are also seeking to capitalize on the benefits of online mediums and to save costs in the process, Want China Times says.

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