HTC Still Doing Relatively Well in the Taiwanese Market

20 Mar

HTC may be struggling to re-assert its presence around the world, but in its home turf, Taiwan, it is still a highly popular choice among consumers.

As indicated by the recent data released from global research firm IDC (via Focus Channel Taiwan), HTC “remained the second largest smartphone seller in [Taiwan] last year…despite its falling share in the cut throat marketplace,” and ended up with approximately 21% of the local market.

The Taiwanese company is not quite able to beat Samsung yet –the Korean giant seized up to 28% of the country’s market–but it has managed to stay ahead of global rival companies such as Apple (13%), Sony (16%), and LG (3%);

In 2013, HTC’s sales from both the HTC One and Butterfly were notably impressive due to the growing popularity of large sized smartphone devices and smartphone/tablet hybrids. The proportion of smartphones sold in Taiwan that had a “5 inch or larger” screen, according to IDC, had exploded from 7% in 2012 to 35% in 2013.


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