Xiaomi Tempts Buyers Yet Again with Affordable Price Tag for Xiaomi Note

21 Mar

Xiaomi has officially made the Hongmi Note available for pre-order, and in keeping with its tradition of pricing high-quality devices at extremely affordable ranges, the company has decided to offer its 5.5 inch, “true-eight core” phablet at a mere $799 RMB to consumers.

This is noticeably less than not just what some market watchers were expecting of the Hongmi Note (some believed it would cost in the range of 899 RMB to 999 RMB), but also what any typical mid-ranged smartphones in the market are priced at. The Hongmi Notes’s 13 MP camera, Octa-core processor, and 3200 mAh battery, moreover, are the kinds of quality features that are typically only found in high-end devices; Based on the availability of these specs alone, the 799 RMB price tag is definitely tempting, especially for anyone looking for a low priced smartphone offering a high end experience.

The number of pre-orders for the entry Hongmi Note, as of this moment, has risen to approximately 5.3 million. The device will officially become available in China on March 26.


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