Hugo Barra Discusses Xiaomi’s Present Status and Goals in Recent CNET Interview

25 Mar

Xiaomi may no longer be content with being just a dominant force in East Asia. Speaking with CNET’s Aloysuis Low, Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s Global Vice President–and formerly Google’s Android VP– discussed a number of key objectives that are aimed at bolstering the company’s global status, including making an entrance into emerging markets such as India and, more important, enabling all of its future products to be “inherently” accessible to the world’s audience.

“We’re just starting to think about building truly, truly global products. I think Xiaomi’s already good at that because of the mentality of some of the senior engineers,” Barra revealed to CNET.

“A lot of them have worked at Google or in Silicon Valley, and we have a bunch of ex-Facebook engineers. We have people with the global mentality,”Barra added.

Not surprisingly, when asked to address the status of Android compared to platforms like Firefox and Ubuntu and discuss whether Xiaomi will experiment with other operating systems, Barra defended Android’s superiority, saying…

“We have no plans to do anything other than Android. There’s no point. Android has a phenomenal ecosystem. I’m saying this from a practical perspective. If you look at other players who have attempted to build ecosystems and failed despite having great platforms, it’s because it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to build an ecosystem.”

Barra continued: “Google has done that with Android, and we’re firmly behind it. We’re heavily invested as well. We don’t just take Android from Google — we make a significant amount of improvements, changes, and additions to Android. We think we’ve made Android an even better operating system.”


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