ACER CMO Perceives Millennials as Key to Future Growth

26 Mar

Millennials—people who are born between the 1980s to early 2000s—will have the most “spending power” and more self awareness than any other generations by 2018, and are thus a critical group that every tech companies should target, according to Acer CMO, Michael Birkin.

Speaking at a recent conference in Sydney, Birkin emphasized the growing role played by social media and internet in giving the power of self expression to this group, and differentiated them from the previous generation by calling them the “connected generation.”

As the millenials increasingly use social media to “carve out their personas” as well as discover what their peers are doing, Birkin says that tech marketers must “tap into the connected generation’s natural inclination to record their lives,” and try to understand what they want or don’t want through their online activities and messages.

“The importance of word of mouth is greater than it’s ever been, and word of mouth means something very, very different in today’s world,” the CMO noted, possibly referring to the influences of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twiiter.

According to Birkin, a recent Acer survey conducted on young consumers showed that 98 percent would rather listen to “a friend’s recommendation” on a product than to follow a “sponsored brand post” on the internet.


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