HTC M8 Can be Purchased Immediately following March 25 Announcement, Available from 230 Telecom Providers

27 Mar

HTC may finally be able to recover from its financial struggles, and even gain a slight edge against its competitor, Samsung, due to the immediate availability of its newest HTC One (M8) device, various sources indicate.

As stated in a recent article from the Taiwan Economic Times, “the M8 can currently be ordered online, picked up directly at retail stores, or purchased on contract from 230 different telecommunication providers.”

Those living in the United States who can’t wait to get their hands on HTC’s newest phone can opt to join carriers such as Verizon Wireless, which has available units of the new HTC One since the first day of its announcement. Other US carriers–for instance, T-Mobile and Sprint–will reportedly only accept online orders for the time being, but will offer in-store units as soon as April 10 –a day before Samsung’s Galaxy S5 goes on sale.

Taiwan, Australia, UK, China, Germany, and the US are among the initial markets that will be getting the M8 device early on. The 32GB M8 model will reportedly be priced at $199 USD on contract, which is around the same price as the subsidized version of the 16GB Galaxy S5.

HTC One M8

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