Lenovo Attempting to Emulate Steve Job’s Example?

27 Mar

There may never be another person like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t emulate the strategies and attitude that made his company so successful. Rob Enderlie, from Datamation.com, couldn’t agree more, and is spotting this exact behavior from one of China’s major tech giants: Lenovo.

“What I find particularly fascinating this year is that Apple appears be ignoring critical parts of Steve Jobs’ playbook, while Lenovo is avidly trying to recreate what is likely the most critical part—the magic of Steve Jobs himself,” Enderlie wrote.

According to Enderlie, what ultimately drove Apple to succeed during Job’s tenure as CEO included his personal investment in the company’s product lines and the passion he displayed while advocating Apple products. Enderlie sees these elements in Lenovo’s new celebrity spokesperson, Ashton Kutcher, and has drawn some interesting parallels between the two…

“Lenovo has decided to see if they can use Ashton Kutcher to recreate the passion and the advocacy that made Jobs so effective…Kutcher has nothing to do with Lenovo’s servers or enterprise products (Jobs also hated that stuff) and is focusing only on the consumer products that Jobs also loved. Both men had/have something to prove: Jobs that he wasn’t a failure because he was fired by Apple in the 1980s, and Kutcher because he was widely criticized as a bad emulation of Jobs. They were/are driven to succeed to prove their critics wrong.”


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