Lenovo Planning to Re-Brand Motorola?

31 Mar

Motorola might get a brand new logo in the future after it officially becomes a part of Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo, the company’s CEO, Richard Yang, revealed in a recent interview.

The re-branded logo, which will likely be called “Motorola by Lenovo,” will reportedly be utilized in Lenovo’s home country and in other emerging markets, particularly those where the Chinese manufacturer’s brand name is more strongly recognized and established.

In countries such as the United States and UK, where the Motorola brand is already doing moderately well on its own thanks to the popularity of its Moto X and Moto G smartphones, a Lenovo based “re-branding” campaign might be less necessary.

As stated in a recent article from GSMinsider…

“It is a truth that Lenovo is the king In the PC market, but the global smartphone market is still new for the Chinese company…Motorola brand has a good reputation in American and European markets. Therefore, [Yang’s] company will not rely on the Lenovo [brand] for overseas expansion plans.”


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