Lenovo Announces Budget Tablet Devices

2 Apr

If you are dissatisfied with Samsung’s affordable Galaxy Tab 4 tablet, don’t worry. According the Inquirer, the Chinese hardware manufacturer, Lenovo, will be planning to release a series of 7 to 10 inch “budget” tablets —branded “A7-30”, “A7-50”, “A8”, and “A10″— that not only feature high quality displays and speakers, but are also offered for as low as $170 USD.

“Lenovo’s latest A-series tablet family is designed to meet the demands of today’s young, active users who are always on the go, and have lifestyle requirements that are as diverse as their own personalities,” the company’s Mobile VP, Shao Tao, said. “With these latest additions to our tablet portfolio, we’ve introduced devices that speaks directly to each consumer’s habits, whether it’s enjoying music, reading e-books or watching videos on the go.”

More information on Lenovo’s new tablets can be found here.


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