PC Sales Will Continue to Fall in Taiwan, but at a Slower Rate: Report

2 Apr

Citing data from global research firm IDC, Taipei Times reported yesterday that the overall PC sales in Taiwan are likely to fall by only 5.1 percent this year, which is far less than the 15.6 percent drop spotted in 2013.

The easing decline, according to the research firm’s Taiwan based analyst, Joey Yen, is attributable in part to Microsoft’s ending of its Windows XP technical support–a move which is anticipated to spur demand for the latest Windows 8 operating system, and hence, newer PC models– and in part to the growing tendency of commercial businesses to upgrade and replace their computers.

“The [PC sales] decline is likely to persist in the years ahead, but at a slower pace, mainly because of increasing replacement demand,” Yen said.

“Demand for notebooks, especially commercials models, will not fade, as enterprises still need to upgrade their PCs to enhance competitiveness,” the analyst added.

Looking at the other PC categories, it appears that Ultrabooks—notebooks with extremely low weight— are the only PC models to be defying the sluggish trend in the PC industry. The IDC report mentioned by Taipei Times claims that Ultrabooks “drove Taiwanese sales of the light-weight product up 42 percent to 240,000 units last year,” and adds that in 2014, the sales volumes will improve by 12.5% to 270,000 units.



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