Still Too Early to Judge HTC One M8’s Sales: MacKenzie

6 Apr

A report from Chikita Insights last week may have raised a few concerns when it revealed that the latest flagship model from HTC, the M8, accounted for only 0.1% of all sold HTC devices during the first week of its release, which is considerably less impressive than last year’s flagship model —the previous HTC One represented 1% of all sold and activated HTC handsets during its first week.

Nonetheless, HTC’s US president, Jason Mackenzie, is not worried about the future of its latest flagship, suggesting instead that it is early and that the device will still be able to turn things around for the company.

“Important note: M8 doesn’t launch until Apr/11 w/ full retail. Contrary to report, we are very satisfied w/ initial results,” Mackenzie tweeted recently.


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