Rumor: Mediatek to Partner with Microsoft on Chinese White Box Tablets?

10 Apr

Microsoft is hoping more Chinese users will adopt Windows-based tablets and smartphones in the future, and is allegedly seeking the help of Taiwan based chip manufacturer, Mediatek, to accomplish this task, a recent article from Digitimes suggest.

The main idea behind the partnership, the report notes, is to help increase the exposure of Windows 8 mobile devices through China’s lesser-known white box manufacturers, and to offer them at extremely low prices to Chinese consumers. Mediatek’s SoC solutions are believed to be ideal for this goal given their “zero licensing fees” and affordable cost, according to Techie News’s Abishek Gohel.

As of this moment, neither Microsoft nor Mediatek are commenting on the validity of the speculations. If confirmed, the partnership could potentially affect major chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, which supplies Snapdragon processors for a number of existing Windows 8 Phones, and NVidia, whose Tegra 4 processors are used in the second generation Surface tablet.

With Windows 8 seemingly becoming a more widely adopted platform–the operating system is already gaining respectable momentum in the US and Europe–it only makes sense for Microsoft to eventually set its sights on the world’s largest consumer market. Mediatek already has a solid reputation in China’s smartphone industry, so partnering with the company is certainly a good move if Microsoft is serious about making a big impact in China.


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