Acer Confident about the Future of its Cloud Computing Business

11 Apr

Acer might start to place a lot less emphasis on its hardware business as its cloud-based services become increasingly more popular, the company’s chairman, Stan Shih, noted recently.

As of this moment, the Taiwanese company is already preparing for the grand opening of its new “cloud computing experience center” (which could be accessed as early as May 29) and has already started licensing its cloud-based technologies to international clients. The company’s “Build Your Own Cloud” project, a service aimed at giving customers seamless access to their own customized online cloud storage system, will also be receiving a lot of attention this year, the chairman said.

Looking ahead to the second quarter of this year, Shih is expecting to see a lot of significant improvements in Acer’s financial performance. The company claimed recently that the revenues generated from the cloud licensing fees and services alone would allow the Taiwanese company’s gross margins to exceed 50%, which Shih argues is a lot “better than those earned from semiconductor businesses.

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