Official Document from HTC Outlines Why HTC One (M8) better than Galaxy S5

13 Apr

The recently leaked Samsung document proclaiming the superiority of the Galaxy S5 over HTC’s M8 does not appear to be sitting too well with the Taiwanese company, which fought back recently with its own employee document titled “Top Five reasons why the HTC One M8 is better than the Galaxy S5.”

The main arguments made by HTC, according to an exclusive report obtained by HTCSource, included that its phone is made almost entirely of metal, that it has great speakers and a duo camera system, and that it “delivers more value” with its premium replacement program.

Samsung, on the other hand, is confident the Galaxy S5 is superior due to its water and dust proof system, intuitive finger print scanner, and superior camera resolution, according to the aforementioned employee document.

Below is a picture of the exclusive training material that was obtained by HTCsource, for anyone who’s curious.


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