Number of Chinese Gamers Greater than US Citizens: Report

27 Apr

The number of gamers in China is officially larger than the entire population of the United States, the recent research data from EEDAR indicates.

Appearing at the 2014 Games Marketing Summit in San Francisco, the research firm’s representatives revealed that there are currently as many as 517 million active gamers living in China (versus the 317 million citizens in the United States), and added that of the 517 million people, 147 million perceive themselves to be “core gamers.”

Other interesting data revealed by EEDAR, as reported by Gamespot, include the fact that 28% of the Chinese gamers play more than one hour of video games per day, that “9.7% have spent money [on games],” and that “core genres” account for nearly 70% of the entire gaming market’s revenue.

In the coming periods, China’s decision to lift the ban on popular game consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Wii U will undoubtedly provide an extra boost to the country’s gaming market. Whether this will actually translate to future sales for foreign gaming companies and developers would be interesting to see, considering the persistence of issues related to China’s gaming piracy and domestic policies.

As noted by…

“Even with the ban lifted, China still has a stringent set of rules in place to keep certain forms of disruptive content out of the interactive software, and by proxy, out of the hands of Chinese gamers. The 10 rules of censorship is what it’s being called, and it drastically limits what sort of games will make it onto the shelves of retailers in mainland China (not that some popular games aren’t already available as bootleg imports and rip-offs).”


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