Asustek Looking to Improve Smartphone Revenues This Year

28 Apr

Asustek, a company traditionally known for manufacturing PCs, is intent on making a significant transition towards the smartphone and tablet markets this year, and will reportedly prioritize improving its overall presence in emerging countries.

“This year, we are very focused on the smartphone market, as it is a high potential growth market. It is a very important market for us,” noted Jeff Lo, manager of Asutek’s Thailand division*.

“Our major revenue [in Thailand] comes from laptops while only 10 per cent comes from tablets. But this year, the revenue mix will be changed – 50 per cent laptops, 40 per cent smartphones and 10 per cent tablets,” Lo added.

Asus Thailand’s apparent confidence in the increased smartphone revenues, as noted by Apple Daily, is due mainly to the rapidly growing smartphone market in Thailand, which is forecast to see shipments of “14 to 20 million” in 2014.

In addition to the country’s current growth, Asus is also highly confident in its three recently released ZenFones, all of which are set to be priced in affordable ranges in Thailand.


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