Rumor: HTC to Release HTC One Mini 2 during May

4 May

Those looking for the HTC M8 experience on a smaller phone are in luck: Not only is HTC said to be working on a “miniaturized” version of its recently released flagship phone—rumored to be called the “HTC One Mini 2”— but the device will also be released worldwide as early as this month.

The Mini 2 will reportedly feature the exact same color options as its larger sibling (which includes amber gold, glacial silver, and gunmetal grey at the moment), retain a nearly identical form factor and design, and be composed almost entirely of metal.

Where things appear to be slightly different, judging by what the leaked pictures show, is the camera: the HTC One M8 touts an intuitive duo camera system which allows users to apply numerous interesting effects on their photographs. The Mini 2, by contrast, only seems to feature one rear camera, so the number of tweaks that can be implemented while taking photos might be relatively limited.

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