【Computex 2014】ASUS Transformer Book V: Product Questions and Answers

2 Jun

Taiwan’s Asustek Computer Inc. unveiled the Transformer Book V a day before the Computex opened in Taipei. The device, which combines the features of a Windows tablet and an Android smartphone, generated much media interest. The device almost outdid all other products and has drawn massive attention since the opening. TechNews asked Asus some questions regarding the new device.

Some visitors to the Computex doubted whether a product like this would narrow the brand’s consumer base because the device seems to target high-end users. However, the Taiwanese brand apparently did not agree. Asus said it wants to incorporate multiple mobile devices and make it convenient for users to integrate and make use of different data.


Q: Can the cellphone and tablet portions in the Transformer Book V function separately?

A: Yes, the two portions of the Transformer Book V can work independently; they each have their own processor and memory capacity. Their specifications are as follows.


Q: Does the device provide hot-plugged power?

A: Yes. Both the tablet portion and the cellphone can be plugged in and the cellphone can be removed from the tablet anytime without shutting down the system or making setting changes.


Q: Can the users slide Android phones of other brands into the tablet?

A: Of course not.


Q: Can the two operating systems share documents or open the documents stored in the other system?

A: Yes. Through software developed by Asus, the Windows tablet can open documents stored in the Android phone and the two systems can also copy data stored in the other system.


Q: When operating on Android software, does it consume the system resources in the Windows tablet?

A: No, because Android software is run on Android hardware. Although the Android phone and the Windows tablet are in the same device, the phone is operating entirely on its own system.


Q: What is the weight of the tablet portion, because it seems to be missed out in the specifications?

A: The tablet portion is approximately 800 grams in weight, and will come to about 1.4 kilograms with the attachable keyboard. The keyboard dock also has a built-in storage space but does not have a battery.


Q: When will the device officially hit the market and how much will it cost?

A: It will be introduced to the market in the second half of this year and the price has not been decided.

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