【Computex 2014】3D Printing and Cloud Computing Makes Everyone a Modeling expert

3 Jun

Aurora unveiled its 3D printing cloud solutions at Computex Taipei. The system can create a 3D model using cloud computing technology, based only on a simple 2D image. A small figurine can be produced in just 10 minutes, lowering the entry threshold for 3D printing.

3D printing has been the trend for a while now but it is still far away from the regular consumers; until now, users have limited extent of participation in designing a 3D printing product. Aurora presented the 3D printing solutions in Computex; to use the system, a 3D image collection app is installed in a smartphone or a tablet computer. By utilizing the cellphone’s or tablet’s camera and uploading pictures to the cloud server, users can choose the hairstyle and outfit for their figurines, while the cloud computing technology will help create a model of the facial image. Within five minutes, a simple 3D model will be created. The users can then choose their own colors. The 3D printer will produce the figurine after a complete 360-degree review.

Compared to the current technologies in 3D printing and modeling, this system that utilizes clouding technology enables users to participate in the production process and shortens wait time and therefore lowers the cost. The process of image collection is simple. Aurora currently introduced 3D modeling apps for figurine modeling; apps designed to help create models of buildings and furniture will be introduced later. General users will be able to create 3D models on their own and hand the works to 3D printing businesses for production. It can take as short as six hours from collecting the image to receiving the final product.



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