【Computex 2014】Acer Promotes New Business Opportunities with BYOC

3 Jun

Acer’s Computex exhibits this year may not be as glamorous as those of Asus, but the company was at least able to draw considerable attention to its “ Build Your Own Cloud” (BYOC) platform, which received its own special exhibition area at the exposition on Tuesday.

Acer promoted its BYOC concepts to numerous business parties as early as this year. The idea behind BYOC is different from that of Dropbox in that the data is stored directly inside of the users private hardware, which minimizes privacy related risks.

During the exhibition, Acer showcased many BYOC Apps that are intended to turn a user’s PC device into a personalized, cloud-based storage system.

A variety of other interesting products from Acer can be seen in the gallery below.


acer02▲ Acer’s BYOC uses various apps to turn your computer into a private cloud center

acer04▲ The two 11 inch Chromebooks designed by Acer. One features touch screen capability.

▲ Acer’s wearable computer: Liquid Leap

▲ Acer’s 4 inch 4G LTE smartphone: Liquid X1

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