【Computex 2014】Asus Expands Market with Diverse Range of Products

3 Jun

Aside from the most talked about release of the Transformer Book V, Asus also exhibited a wide range of interesting product lines during Computex 2014. The variety of products the company displayed can be clearly seen in the exhibit hall, ranging from computers, smartphones, tablets, and even onboard monitoring devices.

Asus’ attempt at diversification is also extremely evident based on their products on display. Hence, the company is able to reveal a highly distinguished product each year, stirring a topic of discussion soon after. Though some products may not necessarily win the approval of the mass market, they clearly demonstrate the company’s aspiring attitude.

▲ Aside from the already announced ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6, Asus also released the new ZenFone 4 with 4G support.

▲ To emphasize the ability to capture images in dark environments, a blackbox was set beside each of the ZenFone, allowing visitors to compare results from their own cameras with that of the ZenFone.

▲ The ZenFone 6 was able to capture images in an almost completely dark environment inside the black box, even though the image is slightly dramatized due to the ISO 1600 setting (the iPhone 4s was unable to capture anything but black images under the same conditions)

▲ The all-white Sabranco motherboard and snow-camo design Fortifier Armor shield.

▲ The Chromebook and Chromebox, using the Chrome OS, was also on exhibit. However, it is still unclear when it will be released in the Taiwanese market.

▲ This 32-inch, curved LED monitor claims to be the world’s largest curved monitor.

▲ A 27-inch monitor with ultra-narrow bezel. Audio by B&O ICEpower.

▲ A 32-inch, glasses-free 3D monitor creates the illusion of a magnified version of Nintendo 3DS.

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