【Computex 2014】Leading Companies Display Life with Smart Technology at Computex

3 Jun

Computex Taipei, Taiwan’s major event of the year, kicked off right after the Dragon Boat Festival holidays. Microsoft and Intel, two consumer electronics giants, are displaying how future technology integrates with daily life with products by collaborative producers.

Take both companies for example. Besides product presentation, they also exhibit technological applications in a home setting, such as the bedroom and the living room. Intel displays the scenarios in which its products are used from the moment users get up from sleep to work.

▲A user gets ready for the day after waking up, grabbing the cellphone from a wireless charging bowl and checking new messages.

The smartphone is fully charged overnight and available for use.

▲The setting turns to the kitchen. Recipes, traditionally in print, are now available on a tablet. However, swiping the screen with the hands while cooking makes it greasy. Now, you can flip through the pages by using air gestures recognized by a webcam.

▲Users can enjoy entertainments in the living room by using tablets to play contents on the big screen. They can also change the environment into a work setting shortly after.

▲A tablet usually used at home can become a good tool at work.

Microsoft’s booth focuses more on uses of tech products in various environments. For example, schools have different educational devices, such as laptops with special designs that allow teachers to see students’ reactions behind the screen. Another product is a notebook whose shapes are designed to look interesting to children.

▲A notebook in the shape of a children’s tool box.

▲A stand-up screen can be laid completely flat to meet the needs of different situations.

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