【Computex 2014】Corning Sports Anti-Microbial glass, Fiber Laser and Laser cutting

4 Jun

Leading glass maker Corning is known for the highly durable and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. The third-generation Gorilla Glass, already unleashed at the CES 2014 in January, is again the company’s feature at the Computex 2014 as germs on smartphone touchscreens can be a problem.

However, general users are probably less concerned about microbes on the touchscreen glass since they are prevalent in the environment. Fingerprints on the screen, though, can be more annoying. In fact, consumers may be more excited to see Corning come up with fingerprint-resistant glass.

Apart from bacteria-resistant glass, the company also demonstrated other cutting-edge glass techniques. In one corner of its Computex exhibition booth are two fiber lasers – one green and the other blue. As the name suggests, fiber laser is a long string of glass attached to a laser head. The optical fiber scatters laser light, so illumination is reduced to half when reaching the end of the fiber. The other half scatters evenly throughout the fiber, making the entire fiber shines. The twinkling light can be used in decoration or special lighting. What’s more, the glass fiber is as tough as Gorilla glass as seen in the on-site demonstration of repeatedly twining it around the hand.

▲The glass fiber is as durable as Gorilla Glass. It stands constantly pulling and winding around the hand without snapping off.

Corning also shows off its laser cutting technique by cutting the ultra-tough Gorilla glass with ultrashort pulse laser. This not only cuts fast for higher productivity but also has an extra advantage – reducing small cracks on the surface of the cut glass. The result is glass of higher durability and smooth edges that saves ensuing processing work. With less glass fragments, the production cost can be further lowered because it is no longer necessary to follow the traditional cover glass processing procedures, such as the use of coating and other tools.

Corning displays spiral cutting of a glass into a small hat. The technique, however, is mainly used to cut cover glass for cellphones.

▲A piece of glass becomes a glass hat after being spiral cut by laser light.

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