【Computex 2014】Delta Unveils Energy-Efficient “Smart Home”

4 Jun

Delta Electronics Inc. one of Taiwan’s leading power management system providers, unveiled its energy-efficient “Smart Home” at Computex 2014. Multiple energy-efficient technologies are incorporated into the smart home, including projectors, LED lighting, and data center, creating a comprehensive energy management solution.

In the smart home, Delta also showcased a power hub for mobile devices — the LifeHub by Innergie, the energy-efficient residential ventilation direct current fan VFB series, as well as an interactive ultra-short throw projector by Vivitek, a brand of Delta. Also, in response to the trend of big data and cloud computing, Delta rolled out a remote monitoring solution for data centers and a 4G LTE Small Cell. The company presented a series of technologies and products in energy management for buildings via a home-atmosphere simulation. The smart home shows consumers how to enjoy a convenient modern life while at the same time greatly reduce energy consumption, creating a clean and green lifestyle.

Delta integrated several technologies and products and provided energy management solutions for buildings. For example, Delta’s headquarters in Taipei became the first building in Taiwan to obtain a diamond-level green building certification through a comprehensive renovation project; the energy saving rate of the building reached 58 percent in 2013.


The size of global market for green buildings is expected to reach US$94.2 billion by 2015 with a potential carbon emission reduction of 60 percent. Evidently, energy-efficient buildings will become a global trend in terms of carbon emission reduction. Delta’s energy management solutions for buildings include renewable energy, energy monitoring systems, automation solutions for HVAC systems, energy regeneration technology for elevators, data center infrastructure solutions, electronic vehicles’ charging stations, LED lighting solutions and other systems for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.


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