【Computex 2014】Intel RealSense 3D Allows You to Play Claw Machine with Gesture

4 Jun

RealSense 3D solution, launched by Intel Corp., allows the cameras on the electronic products to simulate the eyes of human beings as it can precisely distinguish move, gesture and facial features. At this year’s Computex Taipei, the American semiconductor chip maker demonstrated how to play a claw machine with hand gesture by adopting RealSense 3D camera.

A RealSense 3D camera was installed in a regular claw machine so users could stand in front of the machine and directly control the claw with gesture rather than the traditional joy stick. Users at Computex became handy of the gesture control within a few minutes. The camera is of high accuracy in identifying users’ gesture and it is smoother to use hand gesture than control the joy stick while playing a claw machine. But you still cannot catch anything if you are not skillful enough.


RealSense 3D is a complete solution of computer sensing technology that includes a 3D camera and development tools and features a 3D depth sensor and 1080p color. It is also the first device worldwide that integrates 3D and 2D camera models. Its gesture recognition is of high accuracy and is able to carry out 3D scanning.

RealSense 3D has been adopted in devices including laptops and tablet computers rolled out by Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP and Acer. A new model is scheduled to be available for sale in the second half of this year.


In addition, to attract more developers to join the research and development of RealSense 3D equipment, Intel offers incentive payments of US$1 million to facilitate the application of the technology in the areas of control, scanning and telecommunications.

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