【Computex 2014】LUXA2 Rolls Out Qi Wireless Charging Station

4 Jun

LUXA2, a Taiwan-based designer and manufacturer of portable accessories, best known for its accessories for Apple products, unveiled a series of wireless charging stations, in addition to phone cases and portable power banks at Computex Taipei. However, due to certification issues, the wireless charging stations currently only apply to mobile phones operating on Android system; iPhone-compatible charging stations have yet to be produced.

The charging devices introduced by LUXA2 were in accordance with the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard; hence, many mobile phones on the market can work with the charging stations, without any cables or adapters. For mobile devices that have been fixed with a receiver, LUXA2 also introduced wireless charging receivers to work with the devices.

▲Devices with a receiver, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, can be charged via a wireless charging receiver.

▲The receiver is very thin in size and can be placed on top of the battery and underneath the phone cover.

▲The company introduced wireless charging receivers for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3. Prices for the receivers range from US$10 to US$20 apiece.

▲This is a wireless charging station that can be re-charged via a USB cable and is easy to carry. Estimated price is US$30.

▲Charging station that works on alternating current (AC) and can charge two devices simultaneously. Estimated price is US$65.

▲A 5000mAh wireless charging power bank; the price is projected at US$65.

▲Wireless charging power bank with 10,000mAh is priced at around U$79.

▲In addition to silver-colored charging stations, the company also unveiled black versions.

▲LUXA2 also introduced power banks with leather case.

LUXA2 said that in order to expand product diversity, the company is also focusing on applications for new generation charging products, in addition to its existing accessories for iPhone and power banks. LUXA2 and Apple had previously signed an MFi (made for iPhone/iPad) cooperation agreement. LUXA2 currently does not have plans to produce such charging stations for Apple products because MFi has not yet certified wireless charging products, LUXA2 said when asked why the company did not design wireless charging stations compatible with iPhone, which enjoys high market share globally.

With regards to the first picture with a charging station that can serve eight devices simultaneously, LUXA2 said the charging device was only for display and the Taiwanese company currently does not plan to mass produce the design. Maybe after Qi technology becomes popularly available to the general public, heavy users of electronic gadgets will try to get their hands on a large-sized charging station to charge all their mobile devices at once.

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