【Computex 2014】Test Runs for Cloud Virtual Desktop Nvidia Grid Start

4 Jun

Nvidia grid, a cloud virtual desktop technology developed by Nvidia Corporation, a U.S.-based manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), will officially hit the market soon. Users, wherever they are, will be able to work on the cloud applications with Internet-connected electronic devices. Nvidia grid supports software including AutoCAD, Google Earth and VMware.

The key to a virtual desktop is the virtualized environment, which is also the heart of the cloud virtual desktop development. Via Nvidia grid’s online test run services, users can get their hands on the functions and performances of the Nvidia grid cloud virtual desktop. The biggest advantage of the virtual desktop is that it breaks through the performance limitation of a single device and optimizes PC users’ experience. Meanwhile, the system has a high level of usability and can help users effectively control cost. The users also do not need to build a new cloud system to run the cloud desktop services.


Multiple leading PC makers have adopted the Nvidia grid technology, including HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer. More products and applications that support virtual GPU can be expected in the future.

Test runs for cloud virtual desktop Nvidia Grid have been opened for users in Taiwan and China. Interested individuals may visit www.nvidia.com/trygrid.

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