【Computex 2014】 Growing eMMC/SSD Demand to Benefit Taiwanese Manufacturers: SanDisk

5 Jun

US NAND Flash manufacturer SanDisk indicated at Computex 2014 that the rising use of cloud computing will help spur demand from data and server centers. The growing application of SSDs in Notebook computers, along with the increased use of mobile solutions by products such as tablets and smartphones, are also anticipated to further the shipments of eMMC, a type of solution which integrates NAND Flash memory components with MMC controllers.

Sandisk is especially optimistic about the demand for SSD and eMMC  in the second half of 2014, claiming that it would help strengthen its existing cooperation with the Taiwanese OEMs as well as increase future opportunities in the NAND Flash market.

According to SanDisk, the value of the entire global NAND Flash industry managed to reach US$ 29 billion in 2013, and is likely to climb to US$ 41 billion by the end of 2017. In the future, Sandisk will look to strengthen both its enterprise SSD and client SSD lineups, and focus more heavily on the eMMC-based applications that are intended for mobile devices.

With SanDisk setting its sights on the traditional memory card and USB markets in addition to the SSD/eMMC market, many of the US company’s Taiwanese OEM partners can expect to gain a lot of benefit in the coming periods.


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