【Computex 2014】 Windows Platform Making Respectable Progress, Says Company

5 Jun

Microsoft’s OEM Vice President, Nick Parker, showed up at a presentation at Computex 2014 to discuss the future of the company’s operating system as well as the progress of its various mobile device projects.

According to the OEM VP, the average number of people who are using Microsoft’s Windows system on a daily basis has reached 105 million, a new record. To enhance its operating system’s overall exposure and accessibility, Microsoft will be extending its Windows platform to mediums such as personal vehicles, POS machines, ATMs, and medical equipment, and will begin to remove its Windows license fee requirement for any devices under 9 inches. By opening up its system to third party manufacturers and making an effort to integrate its platforms, Microsoft could potentially see a lot of improvements to its OS adoption.

During this year’s Computex event, over forty different products ranging from PCs, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, and Tablets were showcased at Microsoft’s exhibition area. The total number of manufacturers who are now known to produce Windows Phones based on Microsoft’s latest platform has reached up to 15.



At one point during the event, Parker made sure to hint at a potential Windows 8.1 HTC phone (W8) that is currently rumored for a Q3 release.

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