【Computex 2014】Compact Camera Wins Crowd Over

5 Jun

Hidden in the corner of the second floor exhibition inside the Taipei International Convention Center, a seemingly obscure booth was unusually crowded with foreign visitors during Computex 2014. Upon closer inspection, these visitors were actually playing around with a mini camera – Cubic – Altek’s most representative product after the company transitioned to focus on branding. However, this little gadget should not be underestimated. After being on the market for only half a year, the company was able to sell 4,000 units from just online sales. A majority of the buyers were female or older couples who travel frequently.

But in a generation where everyone is already occupied with different mobile devices, where is the need for a camera? According to Altek, Cubic has its own placement. This 13 MP square camera is 5cm in length and width, coupled with 3x optical zoom (30-90mm), and a maximum aperture of 3.3, whereas most cell phones are generally fixed focus. When paired with Altek’s unique handheld rod, it becomes the ultimate “selfie” camera. Photos no longer have to be boring headshot of two people.

Though it may seem kind of silly holding a 100cm rod in front of your faces while trying to pose, however, Altek stated this is only from the Taiwanese perspective. In reality, foreign users have very positive reactions to this device, and think it is highly useful, especially the retired couples that travel often. Cubic’s compact design is also highly appealing to the female population. The vendor took advantage of this and came out with Hello Kitty editions, which cost twice the amount of regular Cubics. These Hello Kitty Cubics sold out quickly but consumers were still willing to remain on the waiting list.

In the past, Altek focused on camera assembly operations. However, the company immediately began to look for ways to transform the itself after its sharp decrease in sales, as cameras were being replaced by various mobile devices. Altek hoped to become a provider for mobile imaging solutions, focusing primarily on high-margin imaging solutions for medical and automobile use. Altek was lauded this year for its first quarter earnings; the average gross profit margin was around 8.12 percent. The company predicts its revenue for the second quarter will be 20 percent higher than the same period last year, and gross profit margin will rise in positive correlation.

▲ Cubic allows users to freely take selfies from any angle with its handheld rod
▲ Cubic wireless control camera can be operated with its smartphone app. Price is set at NTD$2980, available for purchase only on Yahoo and PChome.

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