【Computex 2014】Eye Catching Jay Chou-Themed Flash Drives Encompass “3C+Creativity”

5 Jun

Tired of traditional, mundane USB flash drives? Then it’s likely these fancy, fashionable flash drives manifested in the form of different cartoon characters will satisfy your needs of expressing some individuality. In this year’s Computex 2014, Choice Only exhibited themed QEE bear flash drives inspired by 20 of the most popular singles of popular lyricist, Vincent Fang.

Choice Only employed creativity, breaking the boundaries, and innovation as themes for this year’s Computex, coming out with a brand new designer collection for its choice x Qee bear flash drives. The mini USB series are especially eye catching, created from collaboration with famous artists such as Vincent Fang, Jay Chou, and JJ Lin, to significantly enhance the fashionable properties of 3C accessories. The theme of this year’s new products revolved around “Chinese Style”, naming each of the bears with hit songs from Jay Chou, such as Dragon Fist, Blue and White Porcelain, Chrysanthemum Flower Bed, and so on. Each of the bear’s new color combination originated from a team of 20 famous designers in Asia.

Apart from brightly colored bear flash drives as their flagship products, the Choice Only also came out with a series of Qee bear bluetooth speakers that can be controlled by users’ smartphones to dance to the beat of the music, pleasing the crowd with cuteness overload. The speakers will be available in Taiwan in July 2014, expected to sell for around USD$160.




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