【Computex 2014】MediaTek Tests the Waters in Internet of Things

5 Jun

MediaTek Inc., the leading chip designer in Taiwan, has shown its ambition in the global household market at this year’s Computex. Instead of showcasing chip prototypes and circuit boards, it displayed all sorts of end products that can be seen often in everyday life with a focus on solutions designed for consumers.

MediaTek wants to turn itself from the superior IC maker to a company in a popular style

“Everyday Genius” is a new slogan that MediaTek created in Beijing in April this year. The new concept was given full play at the three-day exhibition in Taipei. The vibrant amber logo of ”Everyday Genius” plus warm yellowish light created a home-like booth area at the Taipei International Convention Center. The company’s exhibition area was divided in parts in accordance with different times of a day from morning to night, presenting the close connection between everyday life and MediaTek’s solutions.

MediaTek showcases its chip MT5327 that supports high-speed decoding and play technology in 4K televisions as well as a solution that allows synchronized data transmission in smart home.

In addition to the affordable mobile phone chip MT6952 sold in China, the company also placed focus on MT5327, a high-end chip supporting 4G television, as well as MT8117 and MT8127, which are designed for dual-core and quad-core tablet devices, respectively.

The company’s salespeople said at the Computex that MediaTek’s customers do not really need to pay an extra cost for upgrading from MT8117 to MT8127. Therefore, the chip has received considerable popularity in the market because the price gap between a dual-core device and a quad-core one is usually substantial.

MediaTek also showcased its octo-core high-end chip MT8392.

▲ MediaTek’s HotKnot, a patented file-sharing technology, is not restricted to be used on smartphones or tablets that are configured with MediaTek’s chips.

Additionally, LinkIt, a development platform built to boost the wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, and HotKnot, a communication technology enabling data transmission via touch panels, as well as a wireless charging chip were under the spotlight at the annual show. The introduction of such products showed that MediaTek is gearing up for the upcoming enormous IoT market.

Other than that, with the rise of China’s middle class, IoT and wearable devices are expected to replace smartphones and tablets to become the center of the tech sector in the future.

▲ MediaTek’s LinkIt technology demonstrates the seamless connection between wearable and smart devices.

MediaTek received the highest inquires on LinkIt at the Computex. The platform was built through integrating the MediaTek’s Aster System on Chip (SoC), the smallest wearable SoC available in the market so far. Any wearable devices that are equipped with the SoC can seamlessly connect Android and iOS devices via LinkIt.

LinkIt is set to be available for worldwide developers in the third quarter of this year.

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