【Computex 2014】Synology: NAS Market Segmentation Further Subdivided with Entertainment, Mobile, and Cloud Integration Solutions

5 Jun

Thanks to the increase in multimedia and amount of data being used, NAS storage systems for home use are performing pretty well on the market. To target the change in market demand and requirements, Synology further subdivided the current market segments and exhibited their new solutions during Computex 2014. The company also provided solutions targeting the needs for integration of public and private cloud.

One of the main focuses for Synology’s exhibit this year is the DS415Play. This 4-bay model is positioned a little differently than the DS412+ for SMB applications, however, its performance tops the DS414 from its Value Series and its budget friendly DS414J.

▲ DS415Play is one of the new devices in Computex 2014 targeted at high-end multimedia users.

According to Synology’s explanation, the DS415Play is designed specifically for high-end multimedia users, placing a heavy emphasis on its audio and video transcoding output capacity. In comparison to other models, the 415Play can transmit files up to Full HD 1,080p to satisfy requirements of users who have high standards for the quality of their audio and video files, while the rest can only transmit up to 720p.

▲ DS415Play is Synology’s first device that can transmit 1,080p files.

The DS415 is not only able to transmit higher quality videos, it also has more USB ports than the 412+, with a USB 2.0 port in the front, two more USB 2.0 ports than the 412+ in the back, and a USB 3.0 port. However, since this is targeted at users with different requirements, it only has one Gigabit network port.

▲ DS415Play added additional USB ports, but is left with only one Gigabit network port.

Among the new products being exhibited is the DS215Air, acting as the successor of the DS213Air. This series integrates the functions of both NAS and a wireless base to avoid having to buy two separate products and minimize problems with network settings. Upgrades from the predecessor include raised WiFi standards using 802.11ac and support for operating frequencies at 2.4GHz and 5 GHz.

▲ DS125Air integrates NAS with wireless base and supports faster wireless connection.

For cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, also known as public cloud, Synology strongly promotes its solutions for hybrid cloud, which saves a copy of the file from the public cloud to the private cloud (NAS), automatically syncing every once in a while to ensure all files in the public cloud are backed up in the NAS in case complications arise when saving to the public cloud.

▲ Recently, Synology has been focusing on syncing public and private cloud to ensure data safety.

▲ DS414Slim promotes features such as large capacity while occupying minimum space and is showing satisfactory market response.

▲ EDS14 is a portable plug-and-play solution suitable for rugged environments and uses SD or USB hard disk for storage.

▲ Due to the widespread use of mobile devices, Synology is also focusing on developing apps that can be used on different platforms.

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