【Computex 2014】Changing’s One-Time Password System Wins Golden Award at Computex

7 Jun

Information security has been a very important issue in the IT industry, particularly for companies with many classified data. Therefore, services related to information safety are pretty popular on the market and they are more vital in the Internet Era.

The MOTP (mobile one-time password) service developed by Changing Information Technology Inc. applies the concept of mobile passwords in information security. Compared with traditional design of “account and password,” dynamic “one-time”passwords are safer. The password, which changes every 30 seconds, is difficult to steal and also saves the trouble of memorizing or creating complicated passwords.

The MOTP system is a complete information safety service that can be installed in any area where accounts and passwords are necessary. Users can also receive the one-time password via phone messages, e-mail, and software token, as well as some specially-designed hardware devices.

▲ These are MOTP’s related special devices, including a card, a key chain and USB.

▲ The Y100 USB is particular special among the devices. Users can insert the flash drive into the computer and press the golden button before typing a code.

The company also provides thorough conversion services for servers, management interfaces, and virtual hosts to help users install the code-generating system in their products as quickly as possible for higher security. Changing now has several high-profile clients including UMC, ADATA Technology, Panasonic and TSMC. The one-time password system applicable in entrance safety and online account management, is expected to become one of the trends in future information technology.

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