Horizon Ventures Makes Hefty Investment in Modern Meadow

23 Jun

On June 18, 2014, Li Kai Shing’s Horizon Ventures announced that it would be investing in Modern Meadow, a company known for developing artificial tissues and bio-materials. The company’s advanced stem cell technology, which reportedly inspired Li to make the investment, could potentially be used to produce artificial meat and other consumable products.

Modern Meadow was first established in 2011 and was founded by a team of bio-engineers dedicated to reducing the instances of animal slaughter. By using a revolutionary technology known as “bio-fabrication,” Modern Meadow’s research team was able to successfully grow leather from animal skin cells, and is currently promoting these materials to the fashion industry as an alternative to actual leather.


During a recent statement, Horizon Ventures’ Li stated that Modern Meadow’s technologies are also good for developing consumable products such as beef. This is allegedly made possible by combining the company’s current stem cell technology with state of the art 3D bio-printers that are capable of reproducing organic material “layer by layer.”

Based on what the US start-up company has accomplished thus far, Li believes Modern Meadow will eventually be able to provide effective solutions to the world’s resource shortage problems as well as lower people’s over dependence on livestock productions.


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