Foxconn Hires 100K Workers to Work on iPhone 6; Pegatron also Boosting Production: Report

24 Jun

Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 6 is only a few months away from being announced, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to hear that one of its major manufacturing partners, Foxconn, has already started to boost its production activity.

Citing information provided by Economic Daily Times, Appleinsider claims that the Taiwanese manufacturer is already carrying out “massive expansions” to two of its major handset production lines, and adds that it will begin to seek out as many as 100 thousand extra employees as a means to meet Apple’s rigorous iPhone production demands.

It is currently believed that Foxconn will be responsible for producing the majority of Apple’s 4.7 inch iPhones as well as its rumored 5.5 inch phablet.

Pegatron, one of Apple’s other manufacturing partners which is said to also be increasing its manufacturing efforts, could end up handling as much as 30% of Apple’s iPhone 6 production orders, according to Appleinsider’s sources.


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