TSMC Taking Active Steps to Push for 10nm Technology: Report

25 Jun

TSMC, one of the world’s leading semiconductor foundries, is encouraging more and more of its employees to work extra hours as a means to accelerate its transition towards 10nm manufacturing technology, sources say. The Taiwanese company will reportedly ask 300 of its R&D personnel, engineers and developers to participate in specially designed working schemes, and attempt to arrange existing night shifts in a way that enables the company’s research centers to remain operational 24 hours a day. Through the increased research efforts and operations, TSMC hopes it will eventually be able to surpass Intel in terms of technological progress, and achieve a definite advantage in the semiconductor field.

Morris Chang, TSMC’s CEO, stated recently that the company’s current goal is to complete the design of its 10nm products within a year, and to begin their mass production as early as 2016.


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