Foxconn Aiming to Produce Electronic Vehicles, Wearable Computers, and Robots

26 Jun

Foxconn, known best for assembling iPhones and iPads for Apple, will shift its attention to grander projects this year as new opportunities arise in the tech industry, according to the company’s CEO, Terry Gou.

“We need to put our money in long-term technology investments,” the CEO said when attending the latest annual shareholder’s meeting on Wednesday. “Right now, making notebooks and other devices isn’t worth it for us to manufacture,” the CEO added.

According to PC World, Foxconn’s main goals and priorities right now is to increase the amount of resources poured into networking systems, and to eventually raise its investments in emerging technologies such robotic devices, wearable computers, and cloud services.

When asked to address Foxconn’s other areas of interest, Gou spoke also of the company’s desire to expand into the auto industry. As noted in a recent report from Focus Channel Taiwan, the company will be aiming to develop its own electronic cars at some point, and will reportedly charge the vehicles at somewhere around $US 15000.

“The development of new-energy vehicles is just beginning…When integrated with cloud computing, the Internet, smart traffic and smart cities in the future, people will be able to drive more easily and reduce car accidents more efficiently,” Gou said.


Note: *quote obtained from PC and Focus Channel Taiwan



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