Foxconn’s ‘Foxbots’ Said to be in Final Testing Stage for iPhone 6 Production

7 Jul

Chinese website IT Home on July 5 claimed that Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou told the recent shareholder meeting that Foxconn’s robots, dubbed “Foxbots,” are in the final testing process to be used in the assembly lines and hinted that Apple Inc. might be the first client to benefit from the change. The website said Apple’s iPhone 6 could be the first products made by Foxbots.

Sources said Foxconn’s Foxbots cost US$20,000 to US$25,000 each, and each robot can assemble up to 30,000 units on average. The robot assembly line is in the final testing process and Hon Hai plans to install 10,000 Foxbots to replace some of the assembly line workers, the sources said. The Foxbots will not be put on the market for sale.

According to MaCRumors, Apple’s annual report last year revealed that the company was investing US$10.5 billion on advanced supply chain technology. Media reports early this year said that Apple will move the production of iPhone batteries to the automated lines in order to cut manpower demand and to use the supply chain resources on the production of other parts. The iPhone 6 is rumored to hit the market in September this year and Foxconn has hired an additional 100,000 workers for the production.

Website cited sources on July 3 and said Apple will unveil its next generation iPhone — dubbed in the market as iPhone 6 — on Sept. 15 and will starting selling the device on Sept. 25. The website said the 16 GB 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will officially be named “iPhone Air.” China is said to be one of the first wave of countries to be able to buy the product. The 4.7-inch version will be sold at $5,288 RMB apiece; the 16GB version will be sold at $5,998 RMB apiece and will be called “iPhone Air.”


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